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In 2008 I was in a weird phase of my life, sitting in the awkward gap between my innocent and optimistic teenage years of the 2000’s and my fully independent adulthood of the 2010’s. I was finishing my chemistry degree at Manchester University and living the typical student life.

In 2008 I bought a Nokia E71. The E71 was in a weird phase for phones, sitting in the awkward gap between mobile phones of the early 2000’s and full touchscreen smartphones of the 2010’s. It had a 2.4 inch screen, a full hardware QWERTY keyboard and 3g connectivity.

While I had the Nokia E71 in my pocket my parents sold my childhood home, friends moved away, people I knew died, my dad's business folded, I fell into and out of love, and I had new experiences that would shape the next decade of my life.

The Nokia E71 also had a 3.2 megapixel camera that reviewers described as “grainy", with "poor colours” and generally "disappointing”. This was by far the worst camera I owned and I had no reason to ever share its pictures. Yet I have kept the few photos I made with it safe.

These are pictures taken when I didn't have any other camera and just had to capture the moment, drunken late nights with friends and unexpected sunset landscapes.

Snapshots with an awkward cameraphone during an awkward time.


Sam B - Manchester - January 2009

Paul - Sheffield - August 2008 / Sam B - Sheffield - July 2010

Stanedge Pole - April 2009

Sharisse - Manchester - October 2008

Spinningfields - Manchester - September 2008

Lucy & Martin & Clare - Manchester - September 2008

Sam E & Dave - Manchester - October 2008

Chris - Leeds - July 2010

Brunswick Street - Manchester - March 2010

Francis - Sheffield - July 2010

Stonehenge - September 2009 / Jodrell Bank - March 2010

Charlotte - Manchester - October 2009 / Dan - Manchester - October 2009

Cover: Derby Road - Manchester - April 2009

I made a Zine!

I made a Zine!

YouTube 2018

YouTube 2018