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I made a Zine!

I made a Zine!

This zine is based on my CameraPhone blog post

I made this zine after finding all the photos from my old phone (Nokia E71) on an old hard drive. This was a phone from a weird era where a lot of phones had cameras but they were really poor quality, so people would rarely use them. This also pre-dates Instagram and sharing phone photos was a bit of a pain and not very common. 

After talking to my friends it seems most people have just lost whatever photos they took on their phones when they got a new one. This means there is a whole era of digital snapshots that have probably been discarded. Even I only took about 100 photos with it over 2 years. 

Looking at the pictures 10 years on I had a lot of feelings about them. I could remember the context of each one very clearly, I had a pang of nostalgia for a time in my life that is truly over, I marvelled at how young we all look (everyone has beards now), and I realised that I became an actual adult while I was using that device.  

The pictures also have a unique aesthetic (because the camera was uniquely bad). Unlike film or VHS, this aesthetic hasn't been reproduced and repackaged with Instagram filters (yet). I think this gives the images themselves a certain sincerity.  

Similarly there doesn't seem to be a nostalgia for that "web 2.0" era quite yet, and a lot of the music and aesthetic isn't being re-presented by a new generation yet (c.f. the recent late 90's resurgence I'm seeing where 11 year olds are completely obsessed with Friends and Eminem). I think this is probably because it is too recent, but I'm happy to get ahead of the inevitable 240p new rave revival. 

These pictures don't capture anything particularly important or historic, but for me they capture a very specific time and feel.

I sent some off to some friends who are pictured in the zine but I still have some left over. If you want one just message me on Instagram and I’ll send you one if the postage is cheap-ish: @SRBradley