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Soup Review Photoshoot

Soup Review Photoshoot

In April 2018 I shot my good pals Chris and Mario for their band Soup Review.

They needed some photos for promotional stuff and I wanted to shoot through some new films and try out some new lenses I had just bought.

In particular I had got some Kodak Vision 3 motion picture film from Nik and Trick photographic. They hint in a blog post that this film comes from left-over film stock from the production of Star Wars The Last Jedi so I have been referring to it as "The Star Wars Film". I also got a new wide lens for my Canon AE1-Program. Naturally I also packed my Olympus Pen EE2, the Holga and fistfuls of Portra 400.

Chris and I travelled down to Mario's hometown of Weymouth for a weekend of wandering around, crabbing and taking pictures.

This actually pushed me pretty far outside of my comfort zone. I had never really shot portraits and certainly never shot band photos. Even though I had loads of film with me I still couldn't just rattle off hundreds of shots and choose the best ones. On top of that, I had a new lens and new film making it a real test of imagination.

This is all to say some of the pictures are a little out of focus, but generally they came out great.

The best photos have both Chris and Mario equally prominent in the frame reflecting the partnership they have in the band.

My favourite photo is the one that Mario used as the basis for the cover art. This is them at their best - sat together, playing their own songs together.


They chose one of my photos to print on the inside cover of the album. This photo is from The Star Wars Film (hence the weird colours and the stain from my whacky processing). The pier in the wide angle looked nice and symmetrical, so I ordered them to stand in the middle and stop slouching.


You can tell I liked this idea, because I took the same picture twice more.

The soup review album is out now! My picture is on the inside cover of the 12 inch vinyl (which sounds fantastic). I am hugely biased but I love their music and I think you will too.

Icarus Record Collection

Icarus Record Collection

Half Frame Face Full - The Olympus Pen EE-2 Close Up Lens

Half Frame Face Full - The Olympus Pen EE-2 Close Up Lens